We're building a Guaranteed Income for working people

At Comity, we're on a mission to modernize America's safety net, and we're starting with Guaranteed Income — up to $500 per month, per family, to spend on whatever's most important.

Our Story

More money for more families in need

Comity CEO Gerad Hanono spent many years preparing tax returns as a volunteer in the IRS' Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. At the center where Gerad volunteered, the preparers helped their clients claim about $500,000 in tax credits and overpaid income tax each week.

Each year, the IRS offers prizes for VITA clients if they commit to put some portion of their tax return into a savings account. However, few clients ever took the prizes. Each year, the community came with their tax credits already promised to creditors, utilities, auto repairs, back rent, or some new shoes for a quickly-growing child. It was clear: once-per-year cash benefits are misaligned to the needs of working people.

VITA was canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so Gerad couldn't see his clients. Instead, he and his co-founder Alex Favaro set to work on modernizing America's safety net, starting with unlocking the tax return to provide a Guaranteed Income for working people.

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Our principles

We're communitarian.

We think long term and we're careful to match our incentives with our members individually and with our community as a whole.

We're brave.

We take action and accept responsibility and accountability.

We're optimists.

We know failure often follows self-doubt or fear.

We do the right work.

We ruthlessly prioritize in order to drive the most possible impact.

We build trust.

We recognize the gap between empathy and sympathy.

We have a sober understanding of chance in life circumstances.


Gerad Hanono portrait

Gerad Hanono

Co-Founder & CEO

Gerad is a longtime volunteer tax preparer, helping working Americans to maximize their benefits. At work, he partnered with banks to deliver $8.6B of aid during the pandemic. Now he’s set Comity’s sights on modernizing the American safety net.

Alex Favaro portrait

Alex Favaro

Co-Founder & CTO

Alex’s work on building and scaling systems as varied as loan servicing, credit underwriting, and fraud detection at Affirm provides Comity with the technical foundation it needs to support working Americans. Alex and Gerad were classmates at Stanford.

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Come join us

We’re hiring driven, creative and kind people across our organization. Join us to make a world where every working person has the support they need to navigate life's inevitable challenges.

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Press Inquiries

If you're a reporter who's working on stories about Guaranteed Income, America's safety net, or policy and product approaches to inequality, we'd love to connect. Send an email to press@comitycard.com and we'll set up time to talk.

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