Advance Tax Credits

Predictable monthly cash for what you need

Comity’s Advance Tax Credits convert the money from your tax refund into predictable monthly cash for you and your family. All without interest or hidden fees.

Advance Tax Credits 101

Comity uses the money that’s already in the tax system and converts it from your tax refund into predictable monthly income. We call them Advanced Tax Credits.

Report your income

We use your payroll information to calculate how much your Earned Income Tax Credit will be, come tax time. You’ll self-report your income, employers, and other necessary information through the Comity App.

We’ll estimate your benefits

We'll also ask you a bit about your household – certain states have additional benefits for children, which may increase your tax refund.

Get Advance Tax Credits

We estimate your tax refund and convert it into monthly cash. You’ll access this through your Comity Card and can spend it on whatever you need. Comity Members pay a simple fee each month – 3.75%2 of your spending. No interest, no hidden fees, and members commonly pay $10 or less each month.

File for free

At tax time we’ll connect you with an expert network of tax preparers to file your tax return and get your biggest refund while saving time and money. For free.

Here for you, year after year

We’ll use your tax refund to close your Advance Tax Credits balance, and you’ll get the rest. You can get Comity Advance Tax Credits every year, helping maintain your predictable monthly income over time.

Comity Pricing

A (very) low monthly fee. No payment at tax time.


To access Comity Advance Tax Credits you’ll pay a monthly fee of 3.75%2 of your total spending. We call this cost the Community Fee.

Come tax time, you’ll owe $0 to Comity

We’ll use your tax refund to close your Advance Tax Credits balance, and you’ll get the rest of any additional amount included in your tax return.

Ready to get predictable monthly cash?

Calculate your Advance Tax Credit now with .

Grab up to $500 per month starting now

Get predictable monthly cash with Comity's Advance Tax Credits – no interest, no hidden fees.

What’s the difference between Advance Tax Credits and a tax refund?

With Comity you can convert the money you normally receive in your tax refund to access it throughout the year – and spend it on the things you and your family need
Comity Advance Tax CreditsTax Refund
Money in my pocket – when?
Today (for eligible members)
April 2022, at the earliest
How much do I get?
Your total tax refund, accessible throughout the year
Your total tax refund, in a lump sum
How do I file my taxes?
With Comity’s partners – for free (!)
Up to $225 or more through some tax preparers
Can I predict how much I’ll get?
You bet – predict your monthly cash with
What if I need help?
We’ve got a dedicated team of Member Advocates for anything you need to talk about, benefits-wise
Wait on hold…to maybe talk with someone from the IRS

Got questions?
We’ve got answers.