Tax Return

Maximize your tax refund for free

After you’ve received Advance Tax Credits we’ll connect you with an expert team of tax preparers to file your tax return and get your biggest refund while saving time and money.

Get ready for tax season

After converting your tax refund to predictable monthly cash with Comity Advance Tax Credits, you’ll file your tax return with our network of experts

Convert your tax refund into Comity Advance Tax Credits

Our team will estimate your tax refund and convert it into Advance Tax Credits – predictable monthly cash for you and your family.

File for free

At tax time we’ll connect you with Comity’s expert network of tax preparers to file your tax return and get your biggest refund while saving time and money. For free.

Maximize your return

Once your tax return is filed and your refund issued, Comity will receive the amount of your Advance Tax Credits – the exact same amount that you received through your ATCs, with no interest or hidden fees. Often, Comity members receive additional cash from their tax refund due to the Comity network of tax preparers.

Predictable cash year after year

After tax season, work with Comity’s team to estimate your tax refund for the next calendar year and convert it into Advance Tax Credits to continue receiving predictable monthly cash. So you can get what you need, when you need it.

Grab up to $500 per month starting now

Get predictable monthly cash with Comity's Advance Tax Credits – no interest, no hidden fees.

Why file with Comity?

With Comity’s expert partners you can file your taxes for free – and convert the money you normally receive in your tax refund to access it throughout the year
File with Comity PartnersFile somewhere else
Up to $225
Get Advance Tax Credits to access your tax refund during the year for a low monthly fee
Wait until April
Comity’s network of expert filers will maximize your refund
Depends – some help to understand your deductions, some don’t

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