Don't wait till next April

Get up to $500
per month
starting now

We've converted annual tax credits to be a monthly benefit
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product screen for linking your payroll

1   Link your job

We use your payroll information to calculate your monthly cash.  Get up to $500 per month

We'll also ask you a bit about your household

2   Spend as you'd like

Use your MasterCard just like any other debit card and get cards for additional family members

Send your balance to a friend or family member in need

Check your balance and review your spending in the Comity App any time
product screen for tax filing

3   Settle up at tax time

We’ll help you file with one of our partners 

Comity keeps only what you spent during the year


  • Members pay around $10 per month to maintain an active membership.  We never charge any other fees or interest
  • Avoid lenders by using your tax credits throughout the year
  • Comity members save up to $225 each year on filing taxes


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